Thursday, 27 September 2012

The wonders of Vienna

Part due is here! As mentioned in my previous post this one is about Vienna and all its glory!

To be honest I was quite impressed by the grandeur of this city! It is very chic and kinda reminded me of Paris.... Maybe not the best comparison but like Paris it had these beautiful buildings, and it has something royal about it....

So we rented an apartment via Wimdu, it was the first time for me to book something via this site so I was kinda nervous about it.... It turned out the apartment was fine, very spacious and all, but it was located in a very multicultural area so didn't really feel like we were in Vienna... It was a 40 minute walk from the apartment to the city center, which we did the first day. Then we bought a Vienna Card for only € 19.90 per person which gave us free use of public transport for 72 hours. So we did most of the traveling in Vienna by metro.

I am leaving out our trip to Schonbrunn because that was so awesome it deserves a post dedicated all to itself! But here is an overview of what we did the other 2 days!

So the picture in the right corner is it H&M, this is the most beautiful H&M I have ever seen! Doesn't this building looks amazing? P.s. I took this picture for my friend Amy from Amy's Fashion Scrapbook who loves H&M!

Feet in the grass!
And where is Lieke?!
We had a short stop at the Schmetterlingshaus at Hofburg. I thought it would be much bigger but it was pretty nice.

I easily could have been on an expedition somewhere exotic!

 Uhhmm the next thing we did might put me in your weirdo book.... we went to the Zentral Friedhof (Central Cemetery) in the afternoon. But I honestly must say that it was a really beautiful place! Probably helped that the sun was shinning!

Who doesn't want to burred in one of these gorgeous graves?
I do apologize for taking a picture with these 2 graves, but I had to! The left grave is the family Knorr of the food brand (I assume) and on the right the family Kovatz which I believe are my ancestors (Kovats looks and sounds like Koevoets). Hmmmm I do look way to happy in this picture....
We are also convinced we saw the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel! We came to this square and saw all these soldiers who were waiting for someone important (obviously, I mean they won't have 50 soldiers waiting for me now would they..). And then they started to play the German national anthem and a small blond women came walking out of the building in a black suite... and it had to be Angela Merkel! There was a friendly soccer match between Austria and Germany the evening before so fair chance it actually was her!

 The last day we went to the National Library, which was one of the most amazing things I have seen! It is a library which really looks like the old ones you see in movies of which you cannot believe they really exist! But guess what? They do exist here in Vienna!

 Ã–sterreichischen National Bibliothekt
 Pfff it sure looks amazing right? If you ever go to Vienna you should for sure buy the Vienna Card and visit the Zentral Friedhof, it is really a beautiful place! And also be sure to stop by at the National Library!

Ok, the next post is on the wonders of a place called Schonbrunn and her most famous resident, Elisabeth von Bayern the Austrian Empress a.k.a. Sissi.

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon for part tres!


  1. Wow the library looks amazing, sad I missed that when I was in Vienna!

  2. It all looks very nice .... what an amazing city!!! Lieke nice pictures, specialy the butterfly ones. Look forward to your sories on Monday

  3. Was that really her? She looks a lot blonder than I thought.

    For a second there I thought this plate with butterflies was some kind of weird kinky dinner thing - that proves you have got to read a post, not just scroll through the photos ;-)

  4. Vienna looks amazing!! Thank you for the follow! It's so fun to have bloggers from other countries following my blog! I am following you back too! Great blog!