Monday, 31 December 2012

Lieke's December Blog Angel Scrapbook

As you know in December I was a blog Angel for a blog I got choose! Curious to see which Blog I chose???

Reason I choose this blog is not only because Amy is a friend of mine, I also really like her sense of style and variety! This is why I wanted to share her Blog with the rest of the world! My goal was to help her get more readers, not sure if that worked... but here is what I did to help her:

1) to start I did the easiest thing, which is just commenting on her posts which mainly consists of nice outfits. Below an overview of her December posts:

 2) I noticed that she did not have any buttons, and as we all know buttons are essential in the blogger community, so I made her 2 buttons. I don't think they are on her blog yet, but now if she needs them, she can use them.

3) Besides things on her blog, I also also wanted to do something which was more in the Christmas spirit.... but I was not sure how to handle it.... so I decide to just give her a hand made Glossy Box! I am not sure if you know what it is, but it is a monthly subscription on  a box which contains all these amazing beauty products each month! And since she is not yet sure if she wants to order the Glossy Box I decided to give her her first box! I did include a little hint.....

The box contained: Burt's Bees Lip Balm / Weleda Facial cream / Yves Roches Mascara / Reload Soap / Vichy Facial Water Spray / Opi Shatter nail polish / Herome nail file.

And the little hint..... an (Blog) Angel Christmas card!
4) The last thing I did was this post: Better Sale than Sorry!
This is such a good post and really something that can help all of us!

So there you have it! This is what being a Blog Angel is all about, Caring & Sharing!
Have wonderful New Year's Eve and I will see you in 2013

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Better Sale than Sorry!

The sale has started! Which is awesome but also somewhat stressful... There are all these nice items which are very affordable and all of a sudden you feel like you need a lot of things that you are very likely to only wear once... maybe twice if you're lucky. So how to make sure you only buy what you need and wear and how to prevent not to spend too much money?

Well my friend Amy from Amy's Fashion Scrapbook made a Sale Shopping Guide to help us through this ordeal. And I am very convinced this guide will be very helpful because Amy knows shopping! And especially sale shopping!!!

So just grab a note book, sit back, relax and click here! And you will see your shopping stress will disappear as snow under the sun!

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Oh how pinteresting!

This weeks OHP post is about animals! I  think it doesn't need much explaination since they are so cute and fluffy! 

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Half way post Blog Angel December edition


December is half way and Christmas is right around the corner! This can only mean one thing.... It is time for the Blog Angel Half Way Post! Again hosted by Rosie from Craftbotic. So this Blog Angel edition is a special X-MAS edition! And why is it so special? Well we could all choose our own blog we wanted to be an Angel for. This is very cool but also comes with great responsibility....

1. How have you helped your blog so far?
Well of course I have been commenting on each and every post, liking these posts on FB, sharing some posts on FB and I also have a special project going on which I cannot say too much about..... The advantage I have is that the blog I choose is a blog I really like and have been following for a while now so it is so easy to keep on commenting and check up on new post on a daily base.

2. How has the contact been with the other blogger?
Well basically the contact is good, but a disadvantage is that I do not get any replies on the comments I leave behind... I think all comments are set as "no reply' comments. So you can only see the comments of the blogger by going back to the blog and check up on the comments..... I feel this really gets in the way of a good 1-1 relationship with the readers...

3. How easy has it been to help someone else in blog land?
Again I soooo love being a Blog Angel!!! It is such a great way to meet new people, discover new blogs and expand your network. Is it easy to help someone? It is easy but it is hard to say what the result is of all the effort.... 

4. What are your favourite experiences from the program so far?
I am really a big fan of the FB platform Rosie created! This is a BA's platform only, but here we can help each other with being a Blog Angel. Really nice initatives have been posted, like please comment on this blog, or read this blog etc. So cool!!!! 

5. What do you hope to do in the final two weeks?
Well I am planning on using the FB platform. Maybe I can help to get some more new readers.... And of course Christmas is near... so who knows I might do something with that.....

I you are inspired by this story and want to become a Blog Angel, let me know and I will get you in contact with the ever so sweet Rosie, our Blog Angel Mama.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Crafts & Christmas part II

Here is the deal on the Cocalores Tutorial I "followed".

So I am going to be a bit lazy and only post pictures of the end result and for the complete tutorial I would advise you to click HERE.

My end result:

Ok... so I am pretty happy with the end result, but to be honest I think I might add some more balls because I think there is still much white of the Styrofoam peeking through..... Will do that this week!

So what did this DIY project cost me: about € 15, that is including the balls, the Styrofoam and glue gun (which I bought at a craft store). Of course this is excluding the additional balls that I need to buy to perfect this piece.

If you also have some Cute Handmade (Christmas) Gifts you can upload them HERE!

Have fun!!!!
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Crafts & Christmas

Crafts and Christmas are always a good combination! And this weekend I had such a creative weekend! Pfff I can't even believe it myself.

What did I do this weekend:

1) transformed my lovely Magnolia branches from a summer piece to a Christmas piece.

I still had a voucher of a garden center where there is a huge Christmas market each year! The deal on the voucher was that is cost € 10 but was worth € 20! So I bought some items to make my perfect Christmas piece! I also found some old items (that happened to be red and purple) and voila!

So here we go! What do you need:
- some branches, I used these Magnolia branches that I already had but pine branches would also be a good option
- a nice vase
- some silk or real flowers and Christmas ornaments.
- clip on flowers
- berry branches
- stars
-Christmas balls
- Orchids
- beaded pendulum
- small ribbons
- candle holder
- some voile or large ribbon in order to make sure there is no gab between the vase and decoration. So basically you use it as stuffing...
- and you will need some Styrofoam or floral foam to fasten everything

How to start:

1) put the foam in the vase, quantity depending on the diameter of the vase
2)cover the vase with voile (I laid the branches on top of the vase instead of putting them into the foam. If you want to put the branches vertical you will need to fasten them into the foam and therefore cover the vase with voile at the end)

3)wrap the beaded pendulum around the branches

4) fasten the flowers and berry branches

5) Once you have done this you can start adding the other ornaments and 
ribbons for the final touch! (An other nice idea is to wrap some yarn/threat around the branches, the rougher the yarn the cooler. This was also use in the "before" picture).

Well basically this is it! Most important is that you make a plan before you start and buy the ornaments based on your plan, and once you start it is pretty easy!

  2) I made this super cool Christmas ornament for which I used the tutorial from Cocalores! Below a preview, the complete post will follow later this week.

3) On Sunday I made a lovely top! The complete story will follow in another post but below an idea of the top I made.

Stay tuned for the whole deal! See you soon!

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winter Walk About

Oh how I love winter! Especially when the world looks like this:

Okay... so it isn't really a winter wonderland, but still I was pretty happy! There was snow, the sun was shining and I was out with my boyfriend! Perfect Saturday afternoon!

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Keep it straight and simple

Do you know those people who claim never to win anything? I was one of those people... I never won anything, and because I never won anything I never participated with anything... but by not participating in contests I lowered my chances of winning..... So I decided to participate in every contest I would come across... And guess what, I am no longer one of the people who never wins anything! I won quite a lot since I applied this new strategy:

And most recently I won this very nice straightener from Remington via the Glossybox contest. 

What did I had to do to win this? Well it was a FB contest so I had to post on their wall why I think I should win this. And my answer was as follows: "Today I straightened my hair with my old straightener, and it looked pretty awesome. So I went to work by bike and when I got to work my whole coupe was out of shape and my hair was anything but straight.... So I tied it in a knot for the rest of the day..."

And that is how I won this!

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Friday, 7 December 2012

My Perfect Holiday Outfits

My Perfect Holiday Outfits

If I would have 3 amazing holiday party's and loads of money I would wear these 3 outfits!

Outfit 1: Very feminine and chique. I espcially love the colour of the dress and the cape! The shoes I can never afford, but hey a girl can dream right? The clutch is navy blue, to make it a bite more "fun" but still chique.

Outfit 2: I choose this dress because I am sure it will look very flattering! Also the colour is very nice. The shoes and jacket give more of an edge. And what do you think of the zipper bracelet?

Outfit 3: love the requint dress! I choose for a nude colour shoe to draw more attention to the dress. Of course I need a warm coat, and since I love faux fur I choose this warm and comfy coat! Clutch and earrings have a touch of gold to give it a more elegant look.

What do you think of the outfits? Which item do you love?! And how would you style these dresses?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Oh how Pinteresting!

Here is another OHP! I want to do this on a weekly basis but at the moment I am slightly occupied with other things so I kinda keep forgetting to do this item….. Bad I know!!!! But I did decide that I will make an effort to make an OHP post every week AND I think I will use a theme that I will to focus on. This week’s theme is snow! Why snow? Well we had the first snow this Monday! It was the kind that doesn’t last but still snow is snow right?!

Here we go!

Love this! And it is so true!

Can you believe this is a DIY project?!! There are loads of other projects so go and check it out!

This looks so yummy!

Simple, clean and edgy! Love it!

This looks like winter wonderland! And it is in France!

Oh how I love you Yosemite NP! 

So there you have it! Which one is your favourite?

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