Friday, 14 December 2012

Crafts & Christmas part II

Here is the deal on the Cocalores Tutorial I "followed".

So I am going to be a bit lazy and only post pictures of the end result and for the complete tutorial I would advise you to click HERE.

My end result:

Ok... so I am pretty happy with the end result, but to be honest I think I might add some more balls because I think there is still much white of the Styrofoam peeking through..... Will do that this week!

So what did this DIY project cost me: about € 15, that is including the balls, the Styrofoam and glue gun (which I bought at a craft store). Of course this is excluding the additional balls that I need to buy to perfect this piece.

If you also have some Cute Handmade (Christmas) Gifts you can upload them HERE!

Have fun!!!!
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  1. vet leuk gedaan! Bij welke winkel heb je die spullen gehaald? Denk nl dat je bij de Action ook een heeel eind komt!
    Wat ben jij toch lekker crea zeg!

  2. So cute! I'm glad you also got some of those sparkly ornaments, they kind of put the kick into this piece, right? Thanks so much for the great shout-out! I love the idea of putting it on the table with a candle in the middle! =)