Sunday, 27 January 2013

Swirling Quotes

This post is inspired by my fellow Dutch blogger Malou from Made by Malou. I did make some posts on quotes in the past, see this one and this one. Today I have some new quotes for you and I hope like they inspire you to be the best you can and not to doubt yourself.

The first quote is my all time favourite quote. I love the quote and the movie from which this quote is taken, The Moulin Rouge.

This picture I took when I was on a romantic trip with my boyfriend in Paris.

Single Dad Laughing

Single Dad Laughing
Good Reads

Good Reads
Pinterest - Rachelle Schwartz

Do you have a favourite qoute? Let me know and maybe I will share your quote on my blog the next time!

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Cape Obsession

The last few months I have been obsessed with Capes!  
I am not sure why but for some reason I think they look chic and would really 
suit my style. I have been looking in stores for a cape but till now I haven't
found 1 I really like and that is affordable...But the search continues, 
just like my search for the perfect biker boots (see this post), I still haven't 
found the right shoes... I did find these boots (not really bikery, but I am not 
sure if they are really me because to the brown cow skin... 
What do you think... They are on sale for only € 39!!! My friend Amy from 
Amy's Fashion Scrapbook would sooo advise me to get them! Because they this 
is a case of "When in doubt: Buy it!".

So here is my perfect cap selection! 

Cape Obsession

Which one is your favourite?! I really like the "red" one, but this is also 
the most expensive one.... And do you have an obsession? 
Please tell me what it is!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My January Love's

It is time for a January Love List!

What are you loving at the moment?
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

To Dublin and Beyond!

Here is a little story about me and a road trip. In the first week of January me and my little brother went on a road trip that brought us to Calais, Holyhead and Dublin. The goal was to drop my little bro off in Dublin where started a new job.

Here is my photo diary:

Holyhead is where we stayed the first night to take the ferry to Dublin.

Here is a short overview of what we did and see in Dublin. Of course we visited the Guiness brewery, an absolute must.

Just outside Dublin, about a 45 minute drive is the beautiful valley of Glendalough. Lived this place it was like you were back in time.

Since my brother works there I am sure I will go and visit this beautiful town and country more often! Does anyone has one tips for my next visit?

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

2013 Craft(botic) Challenge

A Challenge?! Yes that is that the title of this post is! And this challenge sound pretty awesome! If you are a regular reader you might know that I am not that good at sticking to challenges.... I once tried the photo-a-day challenge... during which you had to take a photo of an item (which was mentioned on the blog) and post it.... half way the month I forgot to take the pics... and I just stopped.... If you also remember I said I would participate with the weekly OH, How Pinteresting item... couldn't keep up with this either...

But a new year has started so it is time to make new resolutions right?! The thing about this challenge if that you only have to do 1 item per month! So you have 4 weeks and weekends to make something. And I like making things and think of making things.... to sit behind my sewing machine and see how you create something. So will I keep up... I think so!

This is what the challenge consists of:

So for January we have to make something of leftovers! And boy do I have leftovers... My first thought was to use my fabric leftovers, but of course you can use anything you like; paper, flowers, fabric, wood, food! Anything you like!

And here is the first item of the challenge: I made a Tissue Case! I did use a tutorial so I am not sure if that is cheating... so please don't Rosie from Craftbotic the host of this challenge! The tutorial I used is from Very Purple Person. And to be honest I quite like the result! It is very easy to make, useful and you don't need a lot of fabric.

Well if you want to join in on the fun, it is easy! No signing up, just crafting!

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