Sunday, 20 January 2013

To Dublin and Beyond!

Here is a little story about me and a road trip. In the first week of January me and my little brother went on a road trip that brought us to Calais, Holyhead and Dublin. The goal was to drop my little bro off in Dublin where started a new job.

Here is my photo diary:

Holyhead is where we stayed the first night to take the ferry to Dublin.

Here is a short overview of what we did and see in Dublin. Of course we visited the Guiness brewery, an absolute must.

Just outside Dublin, about a 45 minute drive is the beautiful valley of Glendalough. Lived this place it was like you were back in time.

Since my brother works there I am sure I will go and visit this beautiful town and country more often! Does anyone has one tips for my next visit?

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  1. leuk! Wist helemaal niet dat je je broer ging afzetten; spannend een baan in Dublin!

  2. Great photos, I would love to visit Dublin!

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