Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dreaming my Dreams

Dreams… what is to be believed and what is just a dream? Lately I have these weird dreams that kinda worry me….. I dreamt about being in a wheelchair, about my mother being very ill, that I am shopping with my brother and sister in-law and that some crazy person comes in the store and starts to shoot at random people….. I am not sure what to make of these dreams. Should I be worried…. I mean dreams are just dreams right….? But do you know that feeling of being at a place that you are sure of you have been before! And all of a sudden you know, you have dreamt about this place! I had this when I was running my half marathon, I ran into a street and I knew I dreamt about his place! Crazy! What does it mean!? And how can you dream of some place you have never been before???

Sometimes when I dreamt something I try to look it up but that hardly works because the explanation is always so general and free for your own interpretation. 

So I would like to know the follow from all my lovely readers:

1)    Do you dream every night?
2)    What is the most reoccurring dream?
3)    Have you ever had this déjà vu moment?

I look forward to hear from you!!!! And keep on dreaming your dreams what ever they are!

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winter "must" list 2012

So this Summer I made a 'must list', this is basically and overview of things I feel I need to do, get or feel for this season. Since the Summer is long gone and Autumn has started I decided to make a new list:

Must do:

- Stick to my budget! I spend way too much money and I need to stick to the budget! No excuses!

- Finish my yoga mat bag that I am making. It is a fun project but I need some time to think it through and to make sure it is perfect! Here are some picture of what I am up to:
The strap

The outside + pockets

The outside + tunnel to close the bag
- I really need to get my ice skates sharpened! I tell myself that every year but for some reason I keep forgetting each year to do it. Until it is ice skating time of course! But by then it is too late because you have to wait for like 2 weeks before it can be done due to the large amount of skates that need to be sharpened.... Pfff mental note to myself, must not forget to do this....

- I also want to make 2 skirts. A year ago I bought this amazing fabric in Istanbul which will be gorgeous for a skirt.... And I found this amazing pattern for which I have the perfect fabric!

- I need to run at least 1x per week! No matter what weather it is outside need to do this!

Must have:

- Comfy flat boots/booties


- Ear muffs

- Warm soft knitted sweater!

New Look

Must feel:

- Healthy
- Fit

- Happy

Happy Advocates
So there you have it! Doesn't sound to difficult now does it? Do you have items that you must do/must have and or must feel? I look forward to hear what you items you have to add to this list!

Friday, 23 November 2012

November Love List

November is almost at its end and Christmas is around the corner (yeehhh)!!! So I think it is time to share with you my November Love list!

What things did/do you love this month? Keep in mind "Sharing is Caring" :)

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Oh how pinteresting!

So my inspiration for this post came from the lovely Kaitlyn from Keeping up with Kaitlyn. I always liked this item which you can see on her blog as a reoccurring feature. Curious? Just click here, here and here. This item is actually part of a link up party hosted by Michelle from The Vintage Apple (love this name!) so what else to do than start pinning and start sharing!

I love bikes :)

This made me think of my niece :)

Source: via Hansol on Pinterest


Your welcome :)

Love this!

Which one do you find most interesting?

I hope you enjoyed this! If you want you can follow me on pinterest! Just click  on the below icon:


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Train Insane or Remain the Same!

Today's post about running. It doesn't need much words from my side, so hopefully the below pictures will inspire you to set your own goals and make sure you reach them! Because:

Sunday I reached one of my goals; I ran my first half marathon (21,1 KM). And I just did it! To be honest I am pretty proud of myself! Immediately after I  finished a new goal was made, train insane to run half a marathon below the 2 hours! That is my new goal for coming year!

Do you have any goals? Well hopefully the below will help you reach them or simply set a goal. I feel that the below does not only apply to running or sports, you can also apply them to your day-to-day goals!

Pinterest - Alecia Nicole
Pinterest - Jill Nyberg

Pinterest - Karena Cantrell
Pinterest - Michelle Ochoa
Pinterest - Alecia Nicole

Pinterest - Breanne Davies
Pinterest - Chrissy Zampino

Which one is your favorite? I love the "Train insane" one and the first one about victory. But in general if you are a fanatic runner all of them make sense! 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The ultimate Blog Angel Xmas Edition!

Good morning!

So this weekend I am helping out Rosie from Craftbotic! She helped me out so much over the last months and since Christmas is around the corner it is time to give back and share all the love and I trying to help her reach her December Blog Angel goal.

So here is the deal, Rosie is organising the first Ultimate Blog Angel Xmas edition! Below you can read all about it! Our goal is to have 250 people taking part of this BA edition.

So go and check out the below post written by Rosie herself, fill in the form, click on "Insturen" which is freaky deaky Dutch for "send".



The Ultimate edition of Blog Angels is about to start and it promises to be bigger than ever. If you're a veteran Angel then pay close attention as we've thrown the rule book for this round out of the window.
This time it is ALL about the giving. You will sign-up to help a blog of your choice, knowing there might not be any chance of receiving help. Most participants don't do this to be helped so I am excited what we can, as a community, do to spread the Christmas cheer.
So here are the December rules and the sign up form is right below.
1. Find a blog you want to help in secret - this could be new to you or an existing blogger in need of a boost. Try and give the URL of a reserve blog to help in case your first choice is in hot demand.
2. Fill in the form (on the blog from 10th November!)
3. Wait for an email before 30th November confirming you can help that person. I will make sure that everyone isn't trying to assist the same person.
4. Help them with their blog in secret for one month, commiting to commenting a minimum of twice a week. See more advice on what else you can do here.
5. Link up a post summarising what help you have given throughout the first two weeks. (15th December)
6. Link up a reveal post on 30th December and contact your blog to let them know you've been their festive buddy for the month.

Blog Angels December Sign Up Form
If you fancy helping me out in promoting the sign-up, I'd be so grateful. If we had 250 people taking part....well...we'll be a small way to changing the world.....maybe!
Christmas is my favourite time of the year. So what a better way to make my grin 8 feet wide than with helping out?
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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

It's okay....

Do you all agree....??? What would you like to add to the "It's okay to be thirty" or twenty or even fourty and fifty? I look forward hearing from you, so I know I am not the only one still doing these weird things....

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!