Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dreaming my Dreams

Dreams… what is to be believed and what is just a dream? Lately I have these weird dreams that kinda worry me….. I dreamt about being in a wheelchair, about my mother being very ill, that I am shopping with my brother and sister in-law and that some crazy person comes in the store and starts to shoot at random people….. I am not sure what to make of these dreams. Should I be worried…. I mean dreams are just dreams right….? But do you know that feeling of being at a place that you are sure of you have been before! And all of a sudden you know, you have dreamt about this place! I had this when I was running my half marathon, I ran into a street and I knew I dreamt about his place! Crazy! What does it mean!? And how can you dream of some place you have never been before???

Sometimes when I dreamt something I try to look it up but that hardly works because the explanation is always so general and free for your own interpretation. 

So I would like to know the follow from all my lovely readers:

1)    Do you dream every night?
2)    What is the most reoccurring dream?
3)    Have you ever had this déjà vu moment?

I look forward to hear from you!!!! And keep on dreaming your dreams what ever they are!

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  1. wow heftig onderwerp... ja ik droom; maar waarover hou ik wel ff voor offline conversations ;)
    ps: je mooie knoppen zijn weg!