Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winter "must" list 2012

So this Summer I made a 'must list', this is basically and overview of things I feel I need to do, get or feel for this season. Since the Summer is long gone and Autumn has started I decided to make a new list:

Must do:

- Stick to my budget! I spend way too much money and I need to stick to the budget! No excuses!

- Finish my yoga mat bag that I am making. It is a fun project but I need some time to think it through and to make sure it is perfect! Here are some picture of what I am up to:
The strap

The outside + pockets

The outside + tunnel to close the bag
- I really need to get my ice skates sharpened! I tell myself that every year but for some reason I keep forgetting each year to do it. Until it is ice skating time of course! But by then it is too late because you have to wait for like 2 weeks before it can be done due to the large amount of skates that need to be sharpened.... Pfff mental note to myself, must not forget to do this....

- I also want to make 2 skirts. A year ago I bought this amazing fabric in Istanbul which will be gorgeous for a skirt.... And I found this amazing pattern for which I have the perfect fabric!

- I need to run at least 1x per week! No matter what weather it is outside need to do this!

Must have:

- Comfy flat boots/booties


- Ear muffs

- Warm soft knitted sweater!

New Look

Must feel:

- Healthy
- Fit

- Happy

Happy Advocates
So there you have it! Doesn't sound to difficult now does it? Do you have items that you must do/must have and or must feel? I look forward to hear what you items you have to add to this list!


  1. I love those boots. My budget won't stretch to them or any others at the moment. I might need to ask Santa. Life has become very chilly over here too. I can't decide if warmer+rain is preferable or not. Great winter goals my lovely. Xx

  2. Cute yoga mat bag (have I really just used the words yoga mat bag?). I need some cute boots, too - problem is I love the ones with heels, which are not as practical, because in the flat ones I look like a hippo.

    You might want to consider linking this up at Linny's Vault because that's the topic of tomorrows Random Thursday! =)