Thursday, 15 November 2012

Train Insane or Remain the Same!

Today's post about running. It doesn't need much words from my side, so hopefully the below pictures will inspire you to set your own goals and make sure you reach them! Because:

Sunday I reached one of my goals; I ran my first half marathon (21,1 KM). And I just did it! To be honest I am pretty proud of myself! Immediately after I  finished a new goal was made, train insane to run half a marathon below the 2 hours! That is my new goal for coming year!

Do you have any goals? Well hopefully the below will help you reach them or simply set a goal. I feel that the below does not only apply to running or sports, you can also apply them to your day-to-day goals!

Pinterest - Alecia Nicole
Pinterest - Jill Nyberg

Pinterest - Karena Cantrell
Pinterest - Michelle Ochoa
Pinterest - Alecia Nicole

Pinterest - Breanne Davies
Pinterest - Chrissy Zampino

Which one is your favorite? I love the "Train insane" one and the first one about victory. But in general if you are a fanatic runner all of them make sense! 


  1. Congrats!! That is so awesome!! I love the "train insane or remain the same" I haven't run since my 5k due to school craziness, but i plan on getting back out there this weekend!

  2. goed zo!!!
    En dan in 2014 een hele marathon ;)