Thursday, 28 February 2013

Blog Angel Reviel post February

Are you a blogger? Do you want to help other bloggers? Do you want to share your amazing stories with other bloggers? Do you want some support with your blog? 
 If your answer to all these questions is YES you are the perfect Blog Angel Candidate!!! Because this is what being a Blog Angel about!


This was the first Blog Angel round for 2013 and we had to choose our blog. So I decided to go for Anja from Cocalores. Besides being an amazing blogger she has also become my German Blog Friend which is amazing! Oh and she also loves PINK so what what's not to like?!


So what did I do to help her out:

- I started following her on Pinterest, and since I really loved a lot of her Pins I made a post about her Pinterest boards hoping she would get more Pinterest followers. You can read the post here.

- Of course I did the regular commenting, since I already was a daily reader of her blog I had hoped that this wouldn't raise too much suspicion about me being her Angel.....

- Beside being a Blog Angel I am also participating in the Craft Challenge 2013 and so is Anja! So I also wrote a post on her amazing February DIY project in which she transformed a basic Ikea dresser (I have the very same dresser) into something special. You can read about it here and here.

- We also had great email conversations about our blogs and things we read! Which is always nice.

My goals for her was to attract some new readers and followers on Pinterest, and I hope I made that happen. But besides helping her I also gained a great friend which being a Blog Angel is all about.

So what are you waiting for?!

Go over to Craftbotic, start reading about our Blog Angel Society and get in contact with Rosie so you can also be a Blog Angel the next round!

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Craft Challenge 2013 - My Repurposed Crafts!

Finally I can show you my Craft Challenge for February! I decided to re-purpose a crate which was a beer gift package. Since it just simple rough wood, it was pretty simple to paint it, pimp it and turn it into a flower basket!

Let's start by showing you the before picture and what I used to transform it into something else.

1) The before:

 2) What do you need:

You will need: Glue gun, paint brushes, wooden flowers to cover the words "Limburgs Genot", and I used some plastic beads.
You will also need paint, good white paint as a base coat and some colored paint. I used Acrylic paint (the cheapest I could find). I thought I would also need nails and a hammer to fasten the plastic lining but instead I used (wood) glue. I like my glue!

 3) Start painting:

Make sure to apply enough white base paint, I had to paint the crate 3x to get it really white. Then apply some stripes if you want to, you can also add polka dots or anything you want really... When painting stripes make sure you use tape to get nice straight stripes. And wait with taking of the tape until the paint is really dry.
When painting these wooden flowers, also first apply a white paint (2x) and then when it is completely dry apply some nice colors to the flowers.   

 4) When everything is dry:

Cover the inside with some (thick) plastic to make sure it is water resistant when watering the plants/flowers.

 5) Start gluing!

Now you can start gluing the flowers to the flowers to the outside of the crate. I also added some plastic beads to the smallest flowers.

 6) Finishing touch!

Add some plants! I choose for
hyacinths because they smell so nice!

Now go over to Craftbotic and vote for your favorite Re purposed craft!

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Colour me Purple!

My favourite colour happens to be.... Purple! Here is an outfit I would love to wear! Maybe it is too much purple but then again colour makes people happy right?

Colour me Purple

Made by Lieke via Polyvore

Friday, 22 February 2013

DIY dresser transformation!

If you like a challenge you should definitely join the Craft Challenge 2013 hosted by Rosie from Craftbotic.

I decided to participate because all the challenges are free for interpretation and require creativity! They do not only require creativity because you have to come up with something awesome every month, but also because the participants make the most amazing things!!! My January challenge was pretty awesome I thought... until I saw all the creations of the other participants. The same goes for this months challenge. I haven't started mine yet but the plan and materials are on site! But when I saw the below item... I am starting to doubt my idea... It is probably way too simple... But I will just go with it and maybe I will amaze myself and all my readers!

Anyway here is the item I am loving at the moment the most! It is pretty amazing and I also think it is affordable and easy to do.

So what is the challenge, what did Anja from Cocalores do with this dresser? Below you can find a short guide on how to transform your dresser into something new.

1) You need to buy these:

2) Start gluing:

3) Placement:

4) Paint it in your favourite colour and your will have this amazing transformed dresser!

Are you impressed?! I for sure am! To read the complete DIY handguide to this cool project click HERE.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I said I wouldn't... but I did....

A while ago I said to myself: "Lieke you are not going to spend any more money on accessories!". Why would I say this to myself? Well I have a whole drawer with accessories, and it is about time I wear all the items I already have more often so basically there is absolutely no need buy new items (again and again). But who can resist a good discount?! I for sure can't! So I said I wouldn't buy any more accessories.... but I did! But at least it wasn't a New Years Resolution!

Here is what I bought at the final sale on Fashionology, it was a great bargain because all items had already been reduced and on top of that you would get a 50% discount! 

Then I also found some really cool items on sale at Zara..... and again I wouldn't.... but I did! I bought this super cool '20 inspired necklace and spike bracelet. I am not sure if neon is still in for SS13 but if not I can always take the ribbon off right?

Which item do you like best? And do you have any "I said I wouldn't.... but I did..." stories? Please let me know so I know I am not the only one who fails sometimes.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Blog Angels February Part 1

Surprise Surpise... guess what I am doing this month.... Yes you guessed right I am (yet again) a Blog Angel!

If you are new to this blog please click here and here to see what being a Blog Angel is all about.


This time (again) we got to choose for which Blog we wanted to be an Angel ... my pick was pretty difficult.... But in the end I choose for a blog that I really like to visit on a regular basis and I thought it would be a good blog to put my BA (Blog Angel) skills to the test. Because this Angel requires a different strategy... she knows how to blog and how to attract readers, but I hope I can support her in getting more readers and maybe help her gain some more (social) attention.

I can't reveal my strategy but I do have a plan... it does need some fine tuning.... but in the end I hope I can make her proud!

Because it has to be a secret till the end who my BA is I like to add some secret details to the "in between" posts.... and this time it is a quote which I think describes my Blog Angel in the way I've got to know her over the past year.

If you yourself are a BA this month, good luck! If you are new to the game, stay tuned because by the end of February I will reveal who my Angels was.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pinterst through the eyes of Coca Lores

How wonderful is the world of Pinterest?! Well today I will show you the world of Pinterest through the eyes of my fellow blogger and friend (eventhough we have never actually met in real life) Anja from Cocalores.

I will show some of my favourite items and boards of her Pinterest(ing) world.

DIY and Crafts Ideas:

Bracelet made of vintage earrings

DIY Turquoise Knot Necklace

Cute outfits:

1920s gown
Business chic

Travel Bucket list:

Autumn Tree Tunnel, Smuggler’s Notch State Park, Vermont
Central Park
Photos and prints:

Cocalores: Today's Life Lesson 10/28
Cocalores: J'adore Paris toujours
Look what I made: Projects:

Cocalores: Cute armchair makeover

Pink and blue bird appliqué pillow 

This is just a small selection of all her amazing Pin's. When you go an visit her on Pinterest make sure to check out the "Say What" board and the "My Recipes - Even I can Make that!" board.

Have fun!!!!