Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Craft Challenge 2013 - My Repurposed Crafts!

Finally I can show you my Craft Challenge for February! I decided to re-purpose a crate which was a beer gift package. Since it just simple rough wood, it was pretty simple to paint it, pimp it and turn it into a flower basket!

Let's start by showing you the before picture and what I used to transform it into something else.

1) The before:

 2) What do you need:

You will need: Glue gun, paint brushes, wooden flowers to cover the words "Limburgs Genot", and I used some plastic beads.
You will also need paint, good white paint as a base coat and some colored paint. I used Acrylic paint (the cheapest I could find). I thought I would also need nails and a hammer to fasten the plastic lining but instead I used (wood) glue. I like my glue!

 3) Start painting:

Make sure to apply enough white base paint, I had to paint the crate 3x to get it really white. Then apply some stripes if you want to, you can also add polka dots or anything you want really... When painting stripes make sure you use tape to get nice straight stripes. And wait with taking of the tape until the paint is really dry.
When painting these wooden flowers, also first apply a white paint (2x) and then when it is completely dry apply some nice colors to the flowers.   

 4) When everything is dry:

Cover the inside with some (thick) plastic to make sure it is water resistant when watering the plants/flowers.

 5) Start gluing!

Now you can start gluing the flowers to the flowers to the outside of the crate. I also added some plastic beads to the smallest flowers.

 6) Finishing touch!

Add some plants! I choose for
hyacinths because they smell so nice!

Now go over to Craftbotic and vote for your favorite Re purposed craft!

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  1. That's such a cute spring project! =) I am definitely over winter, so anything that bright and cheery is great! And hyacinths are my favorites in spring, too.

  2. Great project Lieke. I will drive Andi mad with beer box renovation at Easter!!

  3. ohh lekker bezig lieke! de vrije dagen bevallen je goed dus? :)