Friday, 1 February 2013

Welcome to my dark side

Today is all about black.... It could be that it reflects my current mood... But it also reflects my obsession with all things black. I love black jewelry, black clothes and especially black shoes! But even so I don't wear all black all the time. Why not? Well because I also like a lot of other colours. And I love to vary with clothes and shoes... 

The words "If you never try you'll never know" are so me! It is a phrase I strongly believe in and I try to apply to all things I do. If it concerns clothing, shoes, trying new recipes, movies and also when it comes to changing jobs. The last item is something that is very current since I am going to change my job per March 1st. As much as it is exciting it is also scary because you never know what you get back in return. But I am convinced that I made the right choice and I actually can't wait to start my new job and meet new people, learn new things and be challenged again.

Back to the collage, it has nothing to do with starting a new job, but I just wanted to give you some "Back to Black" inspiration before starting the weekend! All items have something to do with things I love and each item is so me... or at least I like to think so... 

  1. I love peplum it is also very flattering
  2. The shoes are sexy but still chic and tres feminine!
  3. Here is a little secret, I am obsessed with all things (faux) fur that's why I added this coat. Just for the record, I love fur but I would NEVER buy a new fur coat. If I would ever buy a fur coat it would be a second hand coat. Which is still debatable but at least it doesn't stimulate the production of new fur coats.... 
  4. I would love to own the below skirt in real leather
  5. The bag is feminine but it also has a slight edge (which I love)
  6. The "LOVE" bracelet, well I am still very much in love with my boyfriend (we have our 5 year anniversary this June) and with this bracelet I can show everybody I am a believer in love.
  7. And last but not least the necklace.... I love how a simple item such as a cross is used to make the perfect "statement" necklace.

Welcome to my dark side

Made by Lieke Koevoets via Polyvore


Enjoy the weekend!!!!

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