Friday, 22 February 2013

DIY dresser transformation!

If you like a challenge you should definitely join the Craft Challenge 2013 hosted by Rosie from Craftbotic.

I decided to participate because all the challenges are free for interpretation and require creativity! They do not only require creativity because you have to come up with something awesome every month, but also because the participants make the most amazing things!!! My January challenge was pretty awesome I thought... until I saw all the creations of the other participants. The same goes for this months challenge. I haven't started mine yet but the plan and materials are on site! But when I saw the below item... I am starting to doubt my idea... It is probably way too simple... But I will just go with it and maybe I will amaze myself and all my readers!

Anyway here is the item I am loving at the moment the most! It is pretty amazing and I also think it is affordable and easy to do.

So what is the challenge, what did Anja from Cocalores do with this dresser? Below you can find a short guide on how to transform your dresser into something new.

1) You need to buy these:

2) Start gluing:

3) Placement:

4) Paint it in your favourite colour and your will have this amazing transformed dresser!

Are you impressed?! I for sure am! To read the complete DIY handguide to this cool project click HERE.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shouout! My stupid phone won't display all the photos, so I have too check your post out again when I get home, but your compliments on this project have definitely made my day! :-)