Friday, 15 February 2013

Blog Angels February Part 1

Surprise Surpise... guess what I am doing this month.... Yes you guessed right I am (yet again) a Blog Angel!

If you are new to this blog please click here and here to see what being a Blog Angel is all about.


This time (again) we got to choose for which Blog we wanted to be an Angel ... my pick was pretty difficult.... But in the end I choose for a blog that I really like to visit on a regular basis and I thought it would be a good blog to put my BA (Blog Angel) skills to the test. Because this Angel requires a different strategy... she knows how to blog and how to attract readers, but I hope I can support her in getting more readers and maybe help her gain some more (social) attention.

I can't reveal my strategy but I do have a plan... it does need some fine tuning.... but in the end I hope I can make her proud!

Because it has to be a secret till the end who my BA is I like to add some secret details to the "in between" posts.... and this time it is a quote which I think describes my Blog Angel in the way I've got to know her over the past year.

If you yourself are a BA this month, good luck! If you are new to the game, stay tuned because by the end of February I will reveal who my Angels was.

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  1. Love the quote, too! How did you make the background, photoshop?

    I'm with you, I had to start a different strategy for this time's blog angels, it is getting harder with every round, right? =)

  2. This is lovely and as I know who you are a blog angel for, I think it's perfect. Bahahahahah. You are doing a great job. xx