Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Oh how Pinteresting!

Here is another OHP! I want to do this on a weekly basis but at the moment I am slightly occupied with other things so I kinda keep forgetting to do this item….. Bad I know!!!! But I did decide that I will make an effort to make an OHP post every week AND I think I will use a theme that I will to focus on. This week’s theme is snow! Why snow? Well we had the first snow this Monday! It was the kind that doesn’t last but still snow is snow right?!

Here we go!

Love this! And it is so true!

Can you believe this is a DIY project?!! There are loads of other projects so go and check it out!

This looks so yummy!

Simple, clean and edgy! Love it!

This looks like winter wonderland! And it is in France!

Oh how I love you Yosemite NP! 

So there you have it! Which one is your favourite?

Signature to use

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