Monday, 31 December 2012

Lieke's December Blog Angel Scrapbook

As you know in December I was a blog Angel for a blog I got choose! Curious to see which Blog I chose???

Reason I choose this blog is not only because Amy is a friend of mine, I also really like her sense of style and variety! This is why I wanted to share her Blog with the rest of the world! My goal was to help her get more readers, not sure if that worked... but here is what I did to help her:

1) to start I did the easiest thing, which is just commenting on her posts which mainly consists of nice outfits. Below an overview of her December posts:

 2) I noticed that she did not have any buttons, and as we all know buttons are essential in the blogger community, so I made her 2 buttons. I don't think they are on her blog yet, but now if she needs them, she can use them.

3) Besides things on her blog, I also also wanted to do something which was more in the Christmas spirit.... but I was not sure how to handle it.... so I decide to just give her a hand made Glossy Box! I am not sure if you know what it is, but it is a monthly subscription on  a box which contains all these amazing beauty products each month! And since she is not yet sure if she wants to order the Glossy Box I decided to give her her first box! I did include a little hint.....

The box contained: Burt's Bees Lip Balm / Weleda Facial cream / Yves Roches Mascara / Reload Soap / Vichy Facial Water Spray / Opi Shatter nail polish / Herome nail file.

And the little hint..... an (Blog) Angel Christmas card!
4) The last thing I did was this post: Better Sale than Sorry!
This is such a good post and really something that can help all of us!

So there you have it! This is what being a Blog Angel is all about, Caring & Sharing!
Have wonderful New Year's Eve and I will see you in 2013

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  1. Such a cool idea! And those buttons will be a life-saver (or fuel to her blog engine or what-shall-we-call-it?)! I forgot to take a photo of the Christmas gift I send (duh!) but your ideas are fabulous!

    Hope you had nice holidays, and I wish you all the best for your start into 2013! =)

  2. ahhhhh wat ben jij een schatje!!
    Weet je nog dat ik je mailde over die buttons??
    Het staat wel op mijn lijstje, en ik ben er erg blij mee!
    En wauw wat een aandacht voor m'n blog... wordt er een beetje stil van!
    En die doos is zo ontzettend geweldig! Echt superrrrrrrr!
    Fijne jaarwisseling! Dat je nog voor veel mensen een blog angel mag zijn!

  3. Wow1 You've done some super angelic things for your blogger - - I especially love that you made her buttons and sent her a hand made Glossy Box! How fun is that? Heading over to check out her site now. Cheers!

    -A fellow blog angel, Lauren

  4. This is really awesome and I bet she really appreciated all of it. I love the card, so cute! Happy New Year, Lieke xxxx