Sunday, 16 December 2012

Half way post Blog Angel December edition


December is half way and Christmas is right around the corner! This can only mean one thing.... It is time for the Blog Angel Half Way Post! Again hosted by Rosie from Craftbotic. So this Blog Angel edition is a special X-MAS edition! And why is it so special? Well we could all choose our own blog we wanted to be an Angel for. This is very cool but also comes with great responsibility....

1. How have you helped your blog so far?
Well of course I have been commenting on each and every post, liking these posts on FB, sharing some posts on FB and I also have a special project going on which I cannot say too much about..... The advantage I have is that the blog I choose is a blog I really like and have been following for a while now so it is so easy to keep on commenting and check up on new post on a daily base.

2. How has the contact been with the other blogger?
Well basically the contact is good, but a disadvantage is that I do not get any replies on the comments I leave behind... I think all comments are set as "no reply' comments. So you can only see the comments of the blogger by going back to the blog and check up on the comments..... I feel this really gets in the way of a good 1-1 relationship with the readers...

3. How easy has it been to help someone else in blog land?
Again I soooo love being a Blog Angel!!! It is such a great way to meet new people, discover new blogs and expand your network. Is it easy to help someone? It is easy but it is hard to say what the result is of all the effort.... 

4. What are your favourite experiences from the program so far?
I am really a big fan of the FB platform Rosie created! This is a BA's platform only, but here we can help each other with being a Blog Angel. Really nice initatives have been posted, like please comment on this blog, or read this blog etc. So cool!!!! 

5. What do you hope to do in the final two weeks?
Well I am planning on using the FB platform. Maybe I can help to get some more new readers.... And of course Christmas is near... so who knows I might do something with that.....

I you are inspired by this story and want to become a Blog Angel, let me know and I will get you in contact with the ever so sweet Rosie, our Blog Angel Mama.

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  1. I'm sure you're doing a great job! I haven't even tried out the fb group, it totally slipped my mind.

    That reply in the comments thing is getting on my nerves too, to be honest. I only ever strike up a friendship with people who reply by sending an e-mail - even if I read the blog regularly, I don't go back to check if my comment has gotten an answer.

    Are you going to send a Christmas goodie to your blog? I did, and I really hope she'll like it (and get it on time... ha ha!)

  2. I love how you answered each of Rosie's questions and shared truthfully about your experience thus far. I, too, am hoping to use the FB page a bit more in the coming weeks.

    The no-reply problem is a big one! I myself recently found out that I'm a no-reply blogger (gasp!) and have been working hard to try to change that status. I've worked on my blogger profile, google plus, and pretty much walked through every tutorial on the web and can't get it fixed. If you have any wisdom for me, let me know! I'm at my wits end on it. (About to break down and write to blogger about it.)

    Sorry for the rant! Really excited to read everyone's halfway posts and get ideas for way to love my blogger in these final days.


  3. ahhh wat ben jij toch een lieve blogger! :) Goed bezig!
    ennuh: het klopt dat je bij blogger de reply's nooit in je mailbox krijgt; je moet dan terug naar je geplaatste comment...
    (ps: ik reageer ook vaak op jouw comments op mijn blog; wellicht heb je dit nog nooit gezien haha)