Saturday, 1 June 2013

How to pimp a t-shirt? DIY

Last Wednesday my little niece (the cutes niece ever) celebrated het first birthday! And since I am her favorite aunt I had to make something special for her.

I already bought a present for her but I also wanted to make something unique for her. So what I did is I bought some Iron applications and 2 shirts and made something pretty cool for her to wear. 

Here we go!

  • Of course a t-shirt
  • The iron applications (the frog and butterflies)
  • Rhinestones that you can apply by ironing
  • Some decorative pieces (anything that is suitable for the wasing machine which you can sew on by hand)

This is the first shirt, everything is ironed on the shirt except for the little red rose, this I sewed on the shirt. I love it!!! It is pink and princessy!

And this is a papa/mama and baby shirt! Also know as La Familia! Again everything on the shirt is ironed on except the pink rose and pruple bow, these I sewed on the shirt (by hand).

So this is pretty easy! And the coolest t-shirts ever if you ask me! What do you think?

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  1. Very nice Lieke! Lara will like them :-). X Renee

  2. Love it! & I love that it's an easy project anyone can do! I'll be featuring you tomorrow! Thanks for sharing @ link party! Theresa xo

  3. What a cool gift! I'm sure she loved it and is now showing it off to all her friends!

  4. lovely diy!
    thanks for sharing!