Saturday, 11 May 2013

DIY: Multi-colour scarf

A while ago I made this colourfull shirt for which I used some left over fabric. Since I still had some fabric left I decided to make a scraf. 

Below you can find a description on how to make one for yourself.

1). What do you need:

  • Fabric 80x140cm
  • Ribbon 40 cm long (2x 20cm)
  • Sewing machine
  • needle + thread

2). How to start:
- Cut the fabric in half over the lenght of the fabric so you will have 2 pieces of 40x140cm

- Sew the pieces together on the short side so you will have 1 long piece of 40x280cm

- Fold the fabric in the length with the good sides facing eachother, so you will have a long small scraf of 20cm x 280cm.

- Sew the fabric together, but make sure you keep a small piece open through which you can turn the fabric

- Cut of the corners

- Turn the fabric

3). Finishing touch:
- by hand you can sew on a ribbon or something of your own liking. I also added the below ribbon + my own tag "Made by Lieke".

4). Wear it!

 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

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  1. Die name tag is wel echt de bomb van alles wat jij maakt! Super vet!

  2. Oh, fancy! =) And I love the name tag, that's so neat!

  3. what a pretty scarf. well done.