Monday, 29 April 2013

April Blog Angel - And I was not bored!

So this time I have been the worst Blog Angel out there.... and it is such a shame because the blog I tried to help out this month is simply awesome!!!

The wonderful blog I helped is:

Why is this blog so great?!

  • Well first of all it is written by a girl called "" which is like the coolest name ever!
  • It is multi-langual; written in German, English and contains a dash of Swedish
  • The blog looks totally professional
  • There is so much inspiration to find here!
What did I do to help ?

  • Comment
  • Comment
  • and some more commenting....
As I said before I have been a bad Angel.... I tried to comment as much a possible but unfortunately I couldn't find the time to contribute more.... But the up side is that this blog did not need much help! It already is such a great blog on it's own.

So there is only 1 thing left to do: GO VISIT!!!!!

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  1. What a cool blog you chose - I am definitely in love with her graphics and layout, so swanky! =)

    Yeah, commenting was about the only thing I did this time around too. Just too much work, darn it!

    Hope you're doing fine - xo

  2. Oh! I just found this now!
    My days are so full that I'm left far behind in my RSS-feed (still more than 200 posts to read…)

    But, anyway: Thanks a lot!
    Thanks for being an angel, thanks for the comments and thanks for all the compliments in this post here - as well thanks to you, Anja!!

    And thanks, that because of this and all your comments I had the chance to get to know you!

    Love (big love!), Midsommarflicka