Saturday, 13 April 2013

Colour up my life!

So I just wanted to share with you guys this lovely painting me and my boyfriend recently purchased. We bought it through a colleague of mine who's father painted it. Isn't it wonderful?!!! I am absolutely in love with the colours and it really brightens up the room.

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  1. Just saw this popping up on my blog roll the other day without having time to read who posted it, but in my mind I thought: Hey, this would be something Lieke would like. Ha ha! So great that it was actually your post =)

    I really have to get some art soon, my walls are still a bit plain.


  2. wow das nog es een statement!
    Ik vind het helemaal Lieke!
    Voor mij is echt te kleurrijk... al heb ik wel t contrast van mijn laptop vernageld, dus de echte kleuren kan ik nu niet zien,... (heel handig als je fotos moet bewerken... -_-)
    Ik zie jullie vrijdag!