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This is my Gym and I wear what I want to!

Today's post has a bit of a twist... It is about me giving advice on what to look for when you go out to buy running gear. Not that I am an expert but I have been running for a couple of years now and I do know some do's and dont´s when it comes to running clothes.

Since the running season is starting again I will mainly be focusing on spring and summer gear. I feel that most people run more in the spring and summer than they do in the winter. Which is A Okay with me! I try to run all year round but once it gets dark at 5 o'clock in the afternoon and it weather is getting colder and wetter I do have the tendency to stay inside where it is nice and warm... So during this period my running is mainly limited to the weekends, during the day... when it is light... and dry (hopefully)... 

Ok back to the running essentials, before we start I must make clear that the following is only based on my own opinion and has nothing to do with facts & figures nor am I getting to paid by any company to publish this (I wish I was though).

1). We all need some support
Before you start you (and with you I mean all my female readers) need to have a good support system for the  'girls'. A good sports bra is essential! You need to get one that is suited for heavy sports. Most of the labels show the kind of support a sports bra gives. Make sure you try it on first to make sure it is not too tight and fits you well.

Make sure you try it before you buy it!!!!

2). Stay warm - Keep cool
So here where I live (the land of the Dutch) the weather changes continuously. One day it can be 14 degrees Celsius and the next day it can be -1 degrees!  This makes it difficult to dress in a proper way. You can either wear too many clothes, too warm clothes of not enough clothes which result in not getting warm at all! An example, this week we had this nasty North-East wind which was freakishly cold! But the sun was shinning, and if you were out of the wind it was actually really nice and spring was finally in the air! But when running the wind keeps on changing so what to wear..... Well in these cases I can only suggest 1 item... This amazing running jacket with sleeves you can take off!

This jacket is amazing and the best purchase ever! You can basically wear it the whole year! In the winter with a thermos shirt underneath.

And in the summer with just a sports bra underneath and without the sleeves!
And maybe the best thing about this jacket is that it has this pocket at the back which I always use to put the sleeves in. So when I am running and I am hot I just zip of the sleeves and put them in my pocket!

3). Show off those legs!
If you really want to be a part of the running culture you have to show off your legs! A true runner runs in shorts as soon as the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius. Of course there are all sorts of running pants, I prefer to have a short and a capri. The short of course for the summer and a capri for the days you are not quite sure what to wear... It is like an in between pants.

Short, shorter, shortest.

I love to wear this short during the really warm summer trainings! It is ideal for those trainings because the short is a bit loose but has a tight short underneath.

I love my Capri pants!!! It is Dri-fit so it keeps you dry when you are all warm and sweaty, and it has a pocket in the back. This is something I find essential and I can´t go without! I always use it for my keys or Ipod.

Again a short, with pocket. When you buy a short make sure it has like a band at end of the legs to prevent it from creeping up when you are running. That is like the worst thing!
4). To-shirt or not To-shirt
Again it all comes down to the weather and the performance. A long sleeve if perfect for the winter, a t-shirt for in between and a thin breathable top for the summer. But I think the most important thing are layers. Pretend that you are in San Francisco where the mornings can be chilly due to the fog that rolles in from the ocean but in the afternoon it is all nice and warm. The same goes with running. When you start you will be chilly or maybe even cold. But once you hit the 5K your body will become warm and before you know it you will be sweating like a monkey. Therefore it is always best not to dress to warm. And make sure you have something warm and dry that you can put on after your run. This to prevent you from getting cold and even sick. So here are a few of my favorite running shirts.

This is a top that would wear now. At the moment here in Holland it is not too warm.... And there is this cold strong wind. So I like to wear a long sleeve to make sure my body and arms are warm and over this I like to wear my black jacket. This combination is warm because of the layers, but I can take something off and it is breathable and has the Dri-Fit technology.

And another one of my favorites! A light airy shirt with a small pocket at the back. Also Dri-fit and very comfortable.
Last week I bought this summer running top. It is really thin and airy so ideal for the hot summer trainings. Oh and it is pink, also very important.

It is so thin that it is almost see-through, but when you wear it is does not show anything you don´t want to show.
 Super summarize it please:

- layers
- dri-fit
- short, shorter, shorts
- Get warm, stay warm

And there you have it, my running essentials! If you have any favorites, please let me know! Because we all know sharing is caring!

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  1. I'm exhausted before any shopping has taken place! I love the jacket idea though and also agree with the shorts. It becomes much more comfortable in the long run. ...except it does mean more leg shaving. xx

  2. Oops, now I feel bad... I don't own any of the items you listed ;-) But the outfits you propose look really cute, and I would totally stand by the side of the road and cheer you on!