Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Winter Must list review!

Officially the winter is over... but still it feels like winter :( But I thought it is time for my "Winter must list" update! 

Did I manage to reach all my winter goals? Did I get all my Winter Must-Haves? Let's go and find out!


So this Summer I made a 'must list', this is basically and overview of things I feel I need to do, get or feel for this season. Since the Summer is long gone and Autumn has started I decided to make a new list:

Must do:

- Stick to my budget! I spend way too much money and I need to stick to the budget! No excuses!

Since I am terrible at sticking to any budget it is not surpising I didn't reach this goal..... 

- Finish my yoga mat bag that I am making. It is a fun project but I need some time to think it through and to make sure it is perfect! Here are some picture of what I am up to:
The strap

The outside + pockets

The outside + tunnel to close the bag
I did finish the bag!!! But.... I wanted to make a full extensive tutorial... but I waited too long with writing it so when I decided to put it all on paper it was just too hard, too long and too confusing... So I ended up not posting it... Sorry!!!

- I really need to get my ice skates sharpened! I tell myself that every year but for some reason I keep forgetting each year to do it. Until it is ice skating time of course! But by then it is too late because you have to wait for like 2 weeks before it can be done due to the large amount of skates that need to be sharpened.... Pfff mental note to myself, must not forget to do this....

Ahhh I can remember this like it was yesterday! The start of winter, looking forward to ice skating.... and in the end up getting my skates sharpened! We did have some really nice days for ice skating but I had to work so there was no point in having them sharpened anyway.

- I also want to make 2 skirts. A year ago I bought this amazing fabric in Istanbul which will be gorgeous for a skirt.... And I found this amazing pattern for which I have the perfect fabric!

Haven't started in this one yet....

Haven't started on this one either... But this is more of a summer fabric. But I did make some other pieces! Which you can see in this post and this post.

- I need to run at least 1x per week! No matter what weather it is outside need to do this!

Yep! I did manage to keep with the running... sort of anyway. Okay so I did not run every week for the whole winter but I we had a lot of snow! Which is always a good excuse.

Must have:

- Comfy flat boots/booties

Done and done! I found amazing boots! And they were on sale so that is pretty amazing. You can find an image of the boots I bought here.

- Ear muffs

Also done! You can see me wearing them in this post!

- Warm soft knitted sweater!

New Look
So I actually saved money on this part! I  raided my boyfriends closet and wore some of his warm sweaters! And I found some nice sweaters at Primark for only € 5 per sweater! Amazing I know!

Must feel:

- Healthy
Hmmm I tried, but I have been ill and had 2 terrible colds this winter.... oh and I ate quite some chocolate.....

- Fit

Well to be honest I feel that me getting 2 colds and the flu this winter is a direct result of working out too little! Because in previous winters when I would run every week on Saturday morning I never was ill! So coming winter I will run every Saturday morning and continue to go Yoga once a week.

- Happy

Happy Advocates

I have been pretty happy this winter! Except for the part where we were informed that the company that I worked at was going to be closed... But I found another amazing job so that boosted my spirit.

So there you have it! Doesn't sound to difficult now does it? Do you have items that you must do/must have and or must feel? I look forward to hear what you items you have to add to this list!

This is it! Next up my Summer must list! But first we have to wait for spring!


  1. Wow, you definitely achieved a lot of your goals - and there were a lot of them, so you can be proud of yourself. Changing jobs is a hassle, so between all the work, it is a miracle you actually had any time for your projects as well. I'd love seeing your yoga mat bag tutorial, though =)