Sunday, 24 March 2013

Craft Challenge March!

It is almost the end of March and therefore it is time to show you what I made for this month's Craft Challenge.

I like to make easy, simple things that basically everybody can make without spending too much money.

For this challenge all you need is a basic t-shirt, I bought mine for only € 2.99 at Zeeman. The shirt is very affordable and also very comfortable! The fabric panel I used was something I had as a left over from last season.

  You just need to cut the panel in line with the shirt, but keep in mind you need to stretch the bottom of the shirt all the way out. This is the width of the panel you will need, then you just cut a square. You first finish of the top part of the panel with a small zig-zag stitch or an over-lock stitch. Then you crinkle/wrinkle the top part about 5 cm below the top. Once you have done this you can stitch the sides to the shirt and finally the bottom. It is pretty easy but you do need a sewing machine...

And here is the result!

I wanted to post a picture of me wearing the shirt with a cute outfit, but my boyfriend is in Sweden for a conference so there is no one to take cute pictures. But once I have cool pics I will be sure to post and share them with you!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. vet!! Wat ben je toch creatief!
    Ik was zojuist ook bezig met mijn DIY; maar de enige diy's die ik doe hebben te maken met het afknippen van stof... niets iets toevoegen ;)
    Ohjah en misschien ene statief kopen? die heb ik ook een... tis ff klooien, maar erg handig. Ik heb de goedkoopste (denk ik... want ik heb hem van matthijs gehad) van de saturn; past elke DSLR camera op... (of heb je geen DSLR/spiegelreflex camera?)

  2. What a totally fantastic idea. I bet it looks awesome on and I love that feeling that no-one else would have anything like it. Xxx

  3. Love it! When I saw your teaser I thought maybe it might turn into a dress, but this is so creative! =)