Saturday, 16 March 2013

Market 2 Market

And I am back!!! I have been so busy that I just could not find the time and energy to write new posts and let you know what's going on.

2 weeks ago I started a new job. And with a new job come a lot of new impressions, new people to get to know and new tasks I have to make my own. So you can imagine I was totally worn out every evening after I came home. 

Besides this I also had some busy weekends all packed with fun stuff to do! The 2 most important things were my visit to the IJhallen in Amsterdam with my friend Amy from Amy's Fashion Scrapbook. This is like basically a huge monthly flee market mainly indoor.
The reason went there is because a lot of people go there to sell old clothes, and we needed to investigate the location to see if it would be something for us to sell our clothes.... and believe me when I say we have loads of clothes to sell!

And last weekend I went to the Stoffenspektakel with my mother in law. And no this is not a typing error... I actually get along very well with my mother in law! She is the person that inspired me to start making my own clothes and other DIY stuff. The Stoffenspektakel is a yearly indoor market where they sell all sorts of fabrics and fournitures. And with all sorts of fabrics I really mean all sort of fabrics, from affordable to the real A-brand fabrics (Chanel, Armani) and also real leather and fur.

When you are a regular visitor you will probably know that, when I have time I like to make my own clothes. But since it is pretty time consuming I don't make things as often as I would like..... Below you can find an overview of the lovely fabrics I bought.

For Some of the fabrics I already know what I want to make but for some I am not sure yet... A few questions for my lovely readers:

1) which one do you like best?
2) any ideas as to what I should make?

Once I have finished an item I will be sure to put them online so you can be the judge of the end result.

Enjoy your weekend and see you soon!

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  1. I'm glad you've settled into your new job - starting somewhere new is so nerve-wracking! And the fabric market looks like a dream come true. I usually go to a Dutch fabric market that travels through Germany and sets up shop in a different town each week, but yours looks ten times better than that!

    Obviously, I like the pink-patterend fabric best. It would look great as a dress or skirt (depending on the kind of fabric). I've never really made my own clothes.


  2. hahaha ik moest echt gniffelen bij het lezen van deze post... onze avonturen :) VET! En leuk die stoffenmarkt!