Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Dutch Summer ain't really Summer without some rain....

So who want's to know what summer is like here in the land of the Dutch? Nope nobody?  Well I am gonna tell you anyway:

There is one word.... WET!!!!

Of course we also have a lot of nice days, but lately there is a lot of rain... So what to wear when I go to work (by bike)? Well easy my rain suit!!! It kinda makes me look like a bag of potatoes... But it keeps me dry... Except for my shoes :( 

A while ago when I had to go to work it was raining... and I was like, okay so I can take the car and be dry.... or be tough and go by bike through the rain. So I did the right thing, I went by bike!!! I mean I am Dutch and that is what we do ;) So it was really raining hard and I was cycling in my rain suit as fast as I could, the faster you cycle the less time you have to spend in the rain, the less you get wet. Is that even true??? Well anyway, so by the time I was at work I was dry because I wore my rain suit, except for my shoes (the same as I am wearing in the above pic). I am not sure if any of you ever experienced wet All Stars but it ain't no joke! 

Reason why wet All Stars are no joke:
a) it takes ages to dry
b) the water stays in the shoes
c) they make this soggy sound which is kinda funny

What did I learn from this experience.... well I guess nothing because it felt really good actually cycling through the rain, I mean it is a bolt thing to do right?!

So basically summer hasn't arrived to Holland yet.... Oh well as long it rains when I have to work all day I guess it isn't too bad... And hopefully in September when I have my summer holiday the sum will be shining and 30 degrees! 

And remember this when you are on the rain: most of the rain falls besides you not on you :)

XoXo Lieke


  1. I love All Stars but you are right - they take forever to dry! Lately it has been very hot over here (upper 90s) and we've had flash thunderstorms, so I always have to be careful of what I'm wearing!

  2. What a brilliantly positive way to look at rain. I will adopt it in England and maybe buy one of the full rain suits you have too...maybe there's a business to be made there - cute rain suits.

    I'm a new follower from the GFC hop. Great to meet you!


  3. And don't forget, when I was a kid, wet All Stars always smelled funky. The smell didn't tend to go away when they dried, either!