Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Rabbit is out of the hat!

Happy Monday! Did I mean this....? Uhmmm nope... How can Monday be happy... Well maybe it will be more happy after you read this post.

I noticed that a lot of bloggers write about their kids or dogs, so I decided to dedicate this post to Brammie my cute hairy little friend. I must warn you because reading this blog could mean you fall in love.... See what I mean on the below pics:

He looks cute right?! But looks can be deceiving! He looks all cute and cuddly but I can tell you having a bunny ain't all that! Every morning when I wake up I let him loose and give him some food. 

He really loves this, and every morning he start with his morning exercise; he runs through the appartment.  I go and get him some food, and as soon as he hears this he runs back to his cage as fast as he can and jumps into his cage and starts eating. When his belly is all full he lays down and rests. Before I leave for work I put him back into his cage. 

For most of the day he has to stay in his cage. It is pretty big, so he can relax or go to the toilette. Yes Brammie is potty trained!!! He has own toilette where he does his number 1 and 2!  

In the evening we let him loose again until we go to bed. He lives with us for 3 years now and he almost knows all good furniture to climb on.... The couch, on which he is only allowed to jump on when we put a pillow on the floor which he can use to jump on the couch. The chairs of our dining table..... And his new favorite, the dresser where our audio/stereo equipment is placed. He figured out the he can jump on it, and in the back it is a magical world of cables! Which he loves!!! So whenever we cannot find him.... he is behind the stereo equipment... chewing & biting on cables!!! Last week we had an incident... he bit through an audio cable due to which we did not have any sound from the laptop to the stereo :( Thank god my dad had had a spare cable but it was no picnic! 

Below an overview of the damage control we had to do.....

He likes digging in the dirt, you can still see him behind the flower pot.. As is we don't see him!

He likes to sit on the dinning chairs, but he fell of together with all items on the chair....
Ah the cable of the lamp....Where there is tape there was Brammie.
Even though this plant is poissoness he still likes to eat it.. Probably only to get me angry.
Where there is white tape, there was a bunny gently nibbling the cables.....
So this was attached to a cable.....
Beside doing all these things he is not allowed to do he is also very sweet! He jumps around, sits on your lap when he wants to cuddle and he makes us laugh when is he is looking at us just when he did something he isn't supposed to.  

Hopefully later this year I can follow a bunny training and learn how to teach him certain things so we can do more things with him and play even more!
And was I right or what?! Did you fall in love? Do you also want a cute little bunny now?!

In case you need any tips please let me know! I will be glad to help you get your own little devil in disguise.




  1. OOOOOOOOOOOH GOD! NO DOUBT. I've definitely fallen in love! It's the cutest rabbit EVER!!

  2. oh he so cute!

    come say hi at and have a great night!