Friday, 13 July 2012

This is not a drive by...

Okay here is a question... Why is it that men (with men I do not refer to all men, but especially truck drivers and other male persons in cars/on scooters and also construction workers) always feel the need to whistle/blow their horn or shout when women pass by?!

Almost everyday (AGW-WP = All Going Well - Weather Permitting) I go out for a nice (relaxing) walk during lunch. Or so I think! The company that I work for is located in an industrial area where there are a lot of trucks which automatically included truck drivers a.k.a. men...  And 9 out of 10 times when I go for a walk someone feels the need to shout at me, whistle or blow their horn! Which annoys me, and even worst, it always catches me off guard! Especially when a truck passes by and blows the horn! I just cannot get used to the fact that it is something I can expect...

But why do men do that?! What do they expect? Oeeehh maybe I should just start waving back at them! That would be funny because they probably don't expect that :)


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  1. hahahahahahah I know the feeling!
    Bij mijn werk in de buurt zijn ze druk aan het verbouwen... als ik daar in m'n hakken voorbij loop, kan ik rekenen of genoeg aandacht.... duss :(