Thursday, 2 August 2012

Swirling with Nike

Current Crush Thursdays 

So it is Thursday and I have a current crush! Check these Nike shoes I just bought!!! I hear you asking me: Did you buy them for running? Nope.... Can you wear them to work? Hmmm not really.... Will you wear them a lot? Uhmmm probably not really.... Why did you buy them?... well because they are freak in awesome and I love Nike! Oh and because I only have All Stars and this is something different.... Did that work? Can I keep them? Before you answer please first have a look at the shoes:

Oh before I forget, did I mention I bought them on sale?! .... Ok I am out of excuses... I hope I convinced you (and myself) that this was a good deal...

P.s. Almost weekend! So just 1 more day before the Swirling weekend starts!

XoXo Lieke


  1. Loveva new pair of gym shoes! Thanks for linking up

  2. You never really need an excuse for new shoes!

    Rosie xx

  3. I need new running shoes... Love these!!! Maybe new shoes will prompt me to run more... hahaha

  4. hahahah ze zijn super mooi! En je hebt toch een goed paar fitness schoenen nodig? Ik bedoel: het zijn geen ren-schoenen, maar mocht iemand (bijv ik) je meevragen op een gratis gastenkaart voor de pellikaan moet je immers wel goede schoenen hebben, just in case.