Friday, 31 August 2012

The glitter of being a Blog Angel!

As you might know this month I have been an angel, I am always an angel (it is in my name, see this post) but this month I have been a special angel, a Blog Angel to be precise. If you do not know what it is then you'd better start reading this post!

The blog that I have been helping might sound familiar.... it is The Glitter of Sunshine! Why does it sound familiar? Well check out this post which I wrote about this fabulous, awesome and always positive blog hosted by Sierra. Over the month I tried to help Sierra by commenting on her lovely posts. I also wrote a post about her blog with a direct link to her blog hoping to increase traffic. 

The posts that I loved the most is this posts called Happiness. I personally think we should all post the things we love and that make us happy at least once a month! I myself will start doing this in this post and will try to make it a monthly topic. 

In case you haven't yet checked out her blog start by clicking here!

Since I loved it so much I will also be a blog angel in October! So maybe I will be your angel this time :)

As for the things that make me happy; here we go!

Have a nice day and remember:


  1. I am glad you had a lot of fun being a Blog Angel and that you are going to take part again. You are such a naturally happy and sharing person that I think this type of project is made for you.

    Thank you for taking part in such an epic way.

    Rosie x

  2. So cool! It's interesting to see all the blogs that took part =) At first I thought you were MY blog angel, just like you thought I was yours - so funny! But I'm glad I found your blog through Craftbotic!

  3. Glad you enjoyed being a blog angel!!! I enjoyed being YOUR blog angel! ;)

  4. You are the best blog angel ever! Thank you for everything!