Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What's in a name?!

So I was thinking that a lot of you probably think my name is a crazy weird Dutch name.... well it kinda is! And I think only the Dutch can pronounce it properly... In Asia they tend to call me Lieki (Lykki), in the US they like to call me Leika (Lyka) but here in Europe it is just Lieke (pronounced Leeku).

I also got the question where my name originates from/what it means.... To be honest I have no idea.... Which is weird because I know a lot! especially a lot of random fact that you never need (unless you play "Who want to become a millionaire?"). Some of the things I know and you probably never need: 

1) most Dutch cheese isn't made in Holland but in Germany. But still it is called Gouda Cheese
2) The tulip isn't a flower that originated from Holland, it is originally from Turkey
Tulips & Hagia Sophia - Istanbul

Me & Tulips - Istanbul

3) Narcissus (Greek mythology) died because he fell in love with his own reflection
4) Cleopatra wasn't really Egyptian, her ancestors were Greek

And here is another fact you will know but never need: 

Name: Lieke
Gender: Female (in case you did not notice I am a woman/girl/female)
Origin: Greek
Meaning of Lieke:
The girls name Lieke is an abbreviation from Angelique (Angelika). Angelique is originated from the Latin word Angelus or Greek Angelos, which means "Messenger of God" or "Angel". The name Lieke was very popular in the South of Holland (which is where I was born and live) and is now being used a lot in Holland and Northern Belgium.

So there you have it! It is not that weird of a name at all!!! You could basically start referring to me as "Lieke the Angelique messenger of god".... Uhhmmm or maybe not....

Just Lieke will do just fine!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Oh, another person who uses their brain to collect random facts - me too!
    That name thing is why I only go to Starbucks in other countries - it's so funny to see them bodge the names. Gianni becomes Johnny, Anja becomes Anna, wonder what they'd do to Lieke? xo Anja

  2. leuk leuk leuk! Maar ik wist helemaal niet dat jij Grieks was... hehehe... misschien moeten wij eens random facts over onszelf delen aan elkaar! Leuk! :)

  3. I am so glad you said how to pronounce your name. It's really pretty and the origins very interesting. I am terrible with facts, and I am always a little jealous of those who know quite a lot.

    Rosie xx