Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I am trying to keep up with Kaitlyn!

Since I have been a terrible blogger lately I have been trying to be best Blog Angel as possible. It is the second time I am a blog angel and it is so cool to get to know all these super cute blog and read about other people's lives!

Now I can (already) reveal who I am trying to help, and it is.......

Keeping up with Kaitlyn

So the first thing I loved was her name! I live the name itselve and the way it is written. She is from the US and so adorable! I really thing she is one of those girls that you can only like, no matter what! It also shows in the way she blogs, she is always so positive and for some reason her post always give me the feeling she is very happy and content with her life! And this is awesome and inspiring! Because honestly how many people do you know that are actually happy with what they have in live...? 

Since she already have all the blog necessities such as a professional layout, button, 60 followers the only thing I did was comment on her post and try to give as much positive feedback as possible. And of course I will keep on doing this!!!

Another thing I will do is put her button on my blog so she gets some more exposure and this way I can hopefully help her to grow her blog.

You must go and check her out! I am sure she will be happy to hear all your comments and thoughts on her posts!!!

And to you Kaitlyn, keep up the good work! See you soon on your blog!


  1. Lieke! You are the sweetest person ever!! Thank you for such sweet words! I'm glad you are my blog angel!!!


  2. Now that's a great shout out for Kaitlyn! I guess all the warm words that you get as a blog angel is what makes Rosie's idea so great! =)

  3. this is a great idea! i'm following you now!!