Monday, 22 October 2012

The amazing Germany

Pfffff I have been so busy the last couple of weeks! I could not find the time (or the energy) to write my last holiday part. But finally it is here!!!! This part is about my little trip down memory lane.... 

But first I have to share this amazing picture with you guys! The autumn started and I really love this season especially the coloring of the trees and you really feel the seasons changing. The light is different, the smells are changing, and in the morning the air is colder and so fresh and crisp. Love it! 

As part of my four year study (International Business and Management) I studied the last 2 years in Reutlingen (FH-Reutlingen). Ever since I graduated, which is about 7 years ago I have not been back to this lovely town in the beautiful south of Germany. You can imagine I was pretty excited to be back and show my boyfriend where I studied and lived. 

We rented a summer house in Metzingen, which some of you might know for the Outlet which is located there. The area here is so gorgeous! Lots of fields, forests, hills, apple tree orchards (which are public, so anyone can go and gather them and make apple pie). Also compared to Holland it is so spacious and quiet. In Holland I sometimes have the feeling that there is no place where you can be alone just with your thoughts without other encountering other people, cars, noise, bikes.... Everywhere you go there are always people of far away noises.... 

 Anyway, the city of Reutlingen is not a large city but it is very pleasant and it is about a 30 minute drive from Stuttgart. 

Ok, lets stop with the talking and start with the pictures! 
When we arrived we met the next door neighbor and she just had got some fresh wild apples! And she gave us the 2 biggest, most beautiful looking apples! And the best thing, it was the best apple I ever tasted!

Below are some pictures of the city of Stuttgart. This is the largest city near Reutlingen, where you can do a lot of shopping! But I didn't do any shopping,my friend forbide me to do any shopping :(

So the next 2 pictures are of the FH-Reutlingen campus! This is where I used to go to school!

 At the back of the school is this large wide spacious area where a lot apple trees grow!

Oh how I love Germany and it's space and nature!

This was a short post but I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you even been to Germany? What is your favorite thing about this country?


  1. Cool! leuk om te zien waar je gestudeerd hebt!

  2. That must have been a blast! I haven't spent much time in that region but of course I haven been to Metzingen (wink, wink)! Sadly, shopping for guys (or with guys, I should probably say) is a lot easier there than for girls! =)