Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Keeping up with October Blog Angels


So this month I was a Blog Angel for the second time. If you missed out on all the excitement, please click here and here and here to get up to speed on this amazing project! Since October is at its end, and my birthday is around the corner it is time for the final post on this project and a link up hosted by Rosie from Craftbotic

To be honest I feel like I haven't been the best Blog Angel.... October went by so fast and for my feeling I literally couldn't keep up with Kaitlyn

Keeping up with Kaitlyn

But I did visit her blog as often as I could and left some comments, hopefully she found them useful and even more important I hope she enjoyed them. And learnt that she/her parents have a beach house! Which is totally awesome, I am so jealous!!!! 

I will keep up with Kaitlyn for the future because her blog is just nice! And who knows, maybe there will come a day we can actually meet! That would be awesome!!!

As for my blog angel; Breenah, I wanna thank her for being my Angel! And thank you for all the effort and support!

How did you all experience the October Blog Angel round?! Hopefully till next time!!!


  1. Sorry I couldn't have done more, but I'm glad I was appreciated :D

  2. Thanks for the sweet words Lieke!! That would be totally awesome to meet one day!

  3. It's always hard to do "enough" (so that you are satisfied yourself), but I bet it was enough! =) Love your new signature, by the way! =)