Friday, 19 October 2012

What I would read when I was young...

So Rosie from Craftbotic is hosting a link up on our favorite children's books! 

When I was younger I used to read a lot!!! Really a lot! I especially like the historical books about the middle ages, the second world war and ancient Greeks and Romans. Actually I still like these books, and everything that has to do with history, whether it is on TV or written I like it! 

I recently read a book that was written about Holland during the Eighty Years' War, or Dutch War of Independence, (1568–1648). To be honest, and I am quite ashamed about this, I know the least about the history of the Netherlands. I am very sure I know much more for example about the English history (in general), that is also why I believe that I used to live in England during the 1600-1700.

Back to the books, I have 5 favorite books! 3 of them are part of a trilogy so I will count them as 1. So here we go, oh they are all in Dutch so I will not translate the title. Reason for this is that I am not sure if it will be the right translation, so the summary of the books should be sufficient.

1) Geef me de Ruimte! / Triomf van de verschroeide aarde / Rad van fortuin, written by Thea Beckman.

Geef Me De Ruimte !  Triomf Van De Verschroeide Aarde  Rad van Fortuin

This book is about a 15 year old Belgium girl who flees to France when she has discovered that she has to marry a boy she despises. France is in the middle of a war with England (Hundred years' war from 1337 to 1453 between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of France). So a very historical, romantic book which is also educational.

2) De Roos en het Zwijn, written by Anne Provoost.

This book is like the fairy tale beauty and the Beast. It is set in Belgium (as well) probably around 1600's. Basically it is about a girl who is so beautiful that people believe it is the work of the devil. And in order to do her penance she decides to dine with the boar (the beast). 
I really liked the introduction of the book, I will try to translate some of it for you:

The Rose... 

...It is said she is the most beautiful woman on earth. Her lips are red, her skin as white as snow and her hands as fragile as shells.

The  Boar....

...His face is mutilated. He has a hunch. His fingers of his right hand are cut so his hand looks like a hoof. 

3) Het Amulet, written by Simone van der Vlught.

De Amulet

1630. A period of history which if mostly known for its extensive witch hunts. Women of all ages were found guilty of being a witch and were burned alive. This story is about a young girl who is afraid she is a witch (her mother had been burned as a  witch) and flees her city in order to save her life. This book is set in Germany (Wurzburg actually) and as I remember it, it was a very exciting story, especially because I also was about 15 when I read it. And it was the first book I read about the witch hunts.

What are your favorite books?! Write a post on it and link up with Rosie HERE.


  1. Lots of history! I used to read lots of WWII books or stories set in Roman times in my early teens, but my favorite childhood book is by Janosch. He just writes the best kids' books! =)

  2. I used to read lots of WWII books aswell. I used to be quite fascinated with it. I now teach WW1 literature, but am sad to say I have never read any literature from Belgium. These books look great. You seem to like the historical stuff! Do you read any of the Phillipa Gregory books about the Tudor Kings and Queens of England?