Thursday, 18 October 2012

Summer must list review

So I saw this list on the blog of Busy Bee Lauren and thought this is an awesome idea! Hopefully I can let you know I fulfilled all items on the below list when Autumn starts...

Must do: - Visit the Spanish ridding school when we are in Vienna. When I was a little girl I used to ride horses and back then it already was a dream to visit this place... I have been to Vienna before with my parents and 2 brothers(back in '95) but we didn't visit because basically I was the only who was interested in horses... how weird pfff...

So this summer when I go back with my boyfriend we will visit it, finally!!!!

Uhmmm I am not sure how to put this.... I went to Vienna... and did not go to the Spanish Riding School...... Reason, I felt I needed to pace myself and keep the girly factor (which was already pretty high this holiday) to a minimun... It would have been too much for my boyfriend if we also went here...

- And take a 100 or more pictures when we are visiting Schloss Schonbrunn in Vienna. Always loved the Sissi movies and now I am going to visit the palace. When we booked our apartment in Vienna, I immediately booked tickets for the palace :)    

This was amazing!!! A post on this adventure is online!

Go to the Efteling! It's been a few years now and they have a few new rides! Sooo need to go there! LOVE IT!!!!

Done and done!!!!

 - Take my little niece out for a walk to the petting zoo. She is only 4 weeks old but hopefully this is something I can do soon. Than I finally have a good reason to feed the animals ;) Now people probably think who is that weird woman feeding animals without a kid running around...  
Hmmm well she is still small... so I guess I need to postpone this to next summer!

- Finish Games of Thrones book 2, ok so first I watched season 1 on HBO then ordered book 1.. When I finished it I quickly ordered the second book hoping I would finish it before the second season aired... but who was I kidding?! Never finished the book but did watch the complete second season :) 

Did not manage this..... for some reason I cannot keep my focus when reading this book.....

- Oh and go to Amsterdam :) Love Amsterdam!! To be honest it took a while to warm up to our capital.... I had been there when I was younger but never really cared for it too much... until a few years ago when I went to Amsterdam more frequently. Now I am looking forward to visit our beautiful capital again.

Technically I have been in Amsterdam this summer... but not for shopping ot sightseeing.... But for a running clinic of Nike to test their new running shoe the Lunar Glide +. Which is now on my wish list for the spring of 2013 when I need to buy new running shoes...

Must have:  

- Biker boots!!! Not really summery but o so cool!  

I am still looking for the perfect pair....

- Cook book Annabel Langbein

Is on my birthday wish list... so a Autumn must have ;)
- Nude colored pumps 

Found a pair on sale at Zara for ony € 9.95

- Games of Thrones book 3, need to finish it before season 3 will be on TV.

First need to finish book 2!!!!!

- Almost forgot: tanned legs before the summer ends!

 Not as tanned as I wished but they are getting there!

Must feel: 

  - Happy - DONE!

- Proud -Am still proud!!!!

  - Loved - Everyday!!!!

The next list is on its way, am not yet sure if I will make an 'Autumn must list' or a 'Winter must list' ..... 

So there you have it.....

Do you have any "Summer musts"?




  1. This is fantastic. I haven't made any particular lists for a while. Maybe I need to look at my to do life list and get on with it. Are you back from the wedding?

    I can't wait to hear about it!

    R xx

  2. Ooh, I love lists! Good for doing most of them!

  3. vond jij die schoenen van Nike niet fijn??????????

    Anyhow: vet! :)

  4. Wow, you definitely have been busy this summer. There's so much we could envy you! Okay, and the perfect nude pair of shoes for just 10€? Not fair! My to do list for today? Drink coffee. Make cake. Read blogs. Should be do-able, right? ;-)