Monday, 18 June 2012

10 things that help me swirl!

So here are 10 things that I love at the moment and that help me swirl away everyday! 

1) Accessories. Love these items at the moment! We have a H&M Fashion Against Aids Necklace (black one) and an H&M ring. The rest of the items I ordered online at Fashionology. I have the Evil Eye Bracelet, which love because the evil eye protects you against evil. A turquoise Skull Bracelet and my Wish Bone Necklace! Which I also love because of the meaning of the wish bone.

2) DIY. From Tie & Dyeing my jeans to sowing a dress and even painting! Not that I do this everyday or every weekend, no just every now and then. As for the dress I am sowing... I have a bit of a designer block, the dress is almost finished but for some reason I cannot find the time to finish it.... When I do I will make sure to post some pictures :)
3) Making sandwiches in the weekend. I love to make tasty sandwiches in the weekends! Sometimes I look up a recipes online, and other times I just look in the fridge and cupboards and make something of the things I have in house. Today I wanted to make a simple sandwich with a boiled egg, but I was like let's see what else I have... I ended up making the below sandwich which has on it: butter, cheese, turkey, mustered, egg and cucumber, which is except for the cheese both healthy and tasty.
4) Planning my summer holiday!!! Me and my boyfriend are going to Vienna by car for a few days in September! And then drive to the city of Reutlingen in the south-west of Germany. I actually studied there for 2 years and haven't been back since I graduated (which was in 2005). So now we get to eat Wiener Schnitzel in Austria and drink beer in Germany!

5) Running!!! Love to run, especially now since I am kinda starting a bit of a running group with some friends from our Wednesday evening training group. On Wednesday evening we train with Nuijten & Donkers. Where we have the best and most lovely and trainer ever: Monique. And on Friday evening and Sunday morning I run with friends. And yes we do really run fast and not just talk and laugh all the time. Of course we also do that otherwise it would be boring, but we really do train seriously.

6) Train. And no I do not mean a train as in a locomotive, I mean Train the band from San Francisco. They had 1 hit in Holland in 2001 "Drops of Jupiter" and after that it went pretty quiet.... But in 2010 they made a new album (Save Me San Francisco) and now they have another new album which love even more than the previous album. Their new album is called "California '37" and I love their songs!!! Especially "Bruises" and "50 ways to say Goodbye". In this song he sings about a crappy purple Scion, in case you wonder why it's called crappy see a picture of the car below and judge for yourself....

7) Shoes! As most girls I also really like shoes. My favorite pair of this moment are my Mango Touch shoes which I bought online. I think Rachel Zoe would be proud of me since these are my first proper flat form heels. They look cool but to be honest they are a bit uncomfortable walking.. guess I need some practice.

8) My balcony! And the fact that I transformed it into a herb 'garden'.

9) Clinique's "Take the Day Off". This is the best make up remover ever!!! It will for sure take off any waterproof mascara and also these 24 hour stay lipsticks. Amazeballs!!!!
10) Last item..... this necklace. I got it for Christmas last year and it is very special to me. Reason for this is that my boyfriend had the hanger especially made for me. So it really is unique and I am the only person in the whole world who has this!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

So here you have it a few items that help me Swirl Everyday... when I started on this post I thought I could not thing of 10 items... but guess what, I can think of 20 things that help me swirl!!!! Maybe even more! So of course I am curious to hear what makes you Swirl Away Everyday... and yes you may include shopping ;)

Enjoy your week!!!




  1. wauw meis! Echt een geweldigde post!!! Love it!!! En wat een lief vriendje zeg, die ontworpen hanger! Damn! 10 punten voor hem!

  2. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway to SheInside if you'd like to check it out! xx

  3. i love the tye dye jeans, so cute! and that sandwich? it looks ridiculously delicious!