Wednesday, 6 June 2012

We're All Stars

So as most people I LOVE my Chucks! I especially love my (RED) All Stars. I bought them in the US of A in 2008 (so they are rather old, but they never go out of fashion). 3 reasons why I love these sneakers:

1). they are (RED) which was a huge step for me since back them all my shoes were black, now I have some more shoes in different colors (mostly still black and boring brown....)

2). I sponsored a good cause by purchasing these shoes since these were designed for (RED) Fighting for an Aids Free Generation

3). they have all these words on the shoes which have the word (RED) in them such as: "DESI(RED), ADMI(RED), (RED)EFINED, (RED)IGNED. Which is very smart!

What is your favorite word that contains the word (RED)?


  1. tiRED ;)

    Mooie schoentjes! dat ze na al die jaren nog niet uit elkaar vallen! (de mijne gaan niet zo lang mee!) X Amy

  2. Nee ze doen het nog goed. Maar draag ze niet dagelijks :(