Monday, 25 June 2012

24/7 Breaking Mad Obsessions

So I don't know about you, but I always have these obsessions when it comes to TV shows or channels.... there is period that I only watch 1 certain channel, or that I have 1 particular show that I love and am addicted to...

Some examples of additions I had to fight: 

1). SATC, I have seen every episode at least 5 times...
2). 24, doesn't need any explanation does it...? Well okay maybe it does :) When I was studying in Germany, me and my friends started to watch Season 1.. Big mistake!!! We went to school, did our homework, ate and immediately started to watch 24 and we literately stayed up till late in the night because we just could not not watch it! JB (a.k.a.Jack Bauer) was amazing!!!
3). The Sopranos, I needed a few shows to warm up to the characters but loved it!
4). Mad Men, watched the last episode of Season 5 yesterday. I really love this show and also the clothing the women wear!
5). Game of Thrones! My little brother (who is not so little but I still like to call him that) said I soooo needed to watch this show! I tried S01E01 but didn't really feel like watching it... So a few weeks later he tolled me again that I really should watch it... so I did... and in 1 weekend I watched the complete first season... and I was hooked!!! Even ordered the books :)
6). Giuliana and Bill! Hmmmm watched it, loved it and miss it :(
7). Breaking Bad, I started watching the first season last Friday.. and a new obsession is born!

Besides TV-shows I also tend to get hooked to TV channels.... simple example: E!Entertainment! Ohhh soooo love this! Especially E!News and Fashion Police!!! And of course Keeping up with the Kardashians.... Not really rocket science but just a fun show about family... let's put it like that shall we.

Another new obsession is 24 Kitchen, this is Hollands first 24/7 food channel! How come it took so long?!! Really love it and it also makes me hungry... in a good way because it makes me want to try all these recipes and spoil my boyfriend even more :) 

Ps. when I talk about "Obsession" I don't mean a can't eat or sleep obsession (I do sometimes have this with shoes or clothes.... you know that feeling when you have seen this amazing pair of shoes, only 1 pair left in your size but you did not buy and you were so proud! But when you are home and the stores are closed you think "Why did I not buy them?" Of course all reasoning has flew out of the window and the fact that you don't really need them or don't have the money to buy them isn't exactly true anymore... And you can't stop thinking about those shoes!!! So what do you do? You get up really early the next day and as soon as the store opens you run to the store buy the shoes and finally you can relax! Thank god that's been a while since I had any obsession with shoes or clothes, I am so proud!) no I mean more an obsession as in "nice to watch during the weekend or evening". Not that I think about it all day at work or anything or that I can't function properly anymore...  Except for 24.... this was an obsession... we even text-ed each other in 24 language... Oh the things we do when we are young.... CRAZY!

 XoXo Lieke


  1. hahahah you crack me up!
    I love Sherlock! That's my obsession! (& 24 kitchen! Big Time!)