Monday, 4 June 2012

Falling Away (not everyday)

Boyfriend and I had a house warming party last Friday, which was a kinda of Friday Afternoon Get Together right after work. My boyfriend took the train to Tilburg Central Station where I picked him up by bike (as you know I am Dutch, and what do we do best? Ride a bike!). We first went to the restaurant with the golden arches to grab something to eat a.k.a a Wrap Menu. Then we went to the party.... 

At this party we only knew the host and hostess so what do you do when you don't know anybody else: you get a drink (for some reason the first glass of wine is empty the fastest), introduce yourself and try to mingle and get involved into a conversation. Like most people I know the etiquette's, I know what to do when you want to talk to people you never met before.... but still it is much harder to do in real life! But after the second glass of wine I started to talk to some people and carefully made a joke or two, and by the third glass of wine I was really enjoying myself! Not in an annoying way, you know when everyone else is bothered by your tipsiness, no just by talking to people and making jokes :)

So after cracking a few jokes my boyfriend and I went home, but we had to share a bike.... So he cycled and I sat on the back, but then something pretty amazing happened.... I fell ... of the bike...... Which is pretty amazing because as a Dutch person we are used to drinking and cycling and sitting in the back whilst being slightly tipsy. But this is what happened:

We cycled, like 50 meters and we encountered these brown poles (see picture). Since my lovely BF had a few beers he wasn't cycling too straight... So my legs bumped into one of the poles! For some reason I managed to stay on the bike for another meter or so and then I fell! Well I didn't like fall fall but it was more like a wobbling of the bike... and it happened in slow motion! Which was another amazing thing! 

So to make this long story short, I fell, got bruised but my clothes and tights were still in tact!!! Which was again is amazing!

What did I learn from this event? Uhhmmm well basically not a lot.. sometimes you have no choice but to share a bike.... :)


  1. hahahahah you guys crack me up!
    Al had ik dit verhaal al gehoord ;)