Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Oh the glory of it all!

So I only started blogging recently, to be honest I think I only started following blogs like 6 months ago.... but these last weeks a whole new world has opened up to me! It is amazing!!!

Now that I am a glorified blogger it really feels like I am a new member of this cool family. It is a friendly world,  which is both funny and bright! It is strange that this virtual world can become so real. And for some reason it also feels like all of a sudden I have loads more friends! Not that I have any followers... (which is totally my fault, am working to put Friend Connect and Facebook Connect on my blog so please bear with me just a few more weeks). Now that I am following some blogs daily it is really cool to get to know these people. Some blogs are really fun and really are about nothing actually which I like! And some blogs are more serious or even heart breaking.... But still it is nice to hear what people do and see what they are up to and get inspired! I think that is the thing I love most, the inspiration I get from these blogs! 

This reminds me I still have to reply to an email from one of my fellow bloggers, need to do this immediately or else I will forget. Normally I don't forget anything but lately I start to forget more and more thinks... Small 'to do' items at my job..... my appointment with the dentist...... in my defense I am getting closer to thirty.... is that a valid excuse?

So in November I turn 30.... IIIIEEEEEKKKKKK..... normally I don't like to really celebrate my birthdays but now I decided it is time to grab 30 by the balls and PARTY!!!! I am still not sure what to do (yes I am seriously already planning this small gathering, I like to plan such things ahead, even if it is half a year away...). But for sure something that looks like a party :)

Okay peeps need to go, have some grocery shopping to do! And no not like in Extreme Couponing, that doesn't fly here in Holland. But my biggest saving on groceries was once € 25 which is quite a lot, and I didn't look crazy ;)

Have a lovely evening!




  1. Yay. Good luck getting your blog going!

  2. Blogging is so fun, and definitely a great way to meet new people! You have a lovely blog! :)