Saturday, 9 June 2012

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time there were 2 girls who both loved to discover new and exciting places...

On a sunny Saturday morning they got into a cute red car and went to the lovely city of Hoofddorp to investigate a new and supposedly wonderful world called Primark. They drove in the little red car for one and a half hour. During this trip they talked about politics, which blogs they liked and exchanged blogging tips. Then after a long drive they arrived at the Primark parking garage! They parked the car in the first available spot and ran to the exit in search of this wonderful new world called Primark. After running down the stairs they did not know where to go, left or right...?! First they tried going right but this did not feel good, so they quickly turned left and followed the people (who looked rather relaxed and not stressed, which is strange when you are near Primark...). They entered the main shopping street but there was no sign of a store called Primark! So they turned left again, passed the H&M and there is was: 
 Carefully they entered the store and grabbed a basket. Now what to do in such a large store full of fashionable items? First they wondered around at the t-shirt section, then they went to the section with dresses, skirts and blouses and then it happened, they lost each other! They lost each other in a sea of affordable clothing! What to do.... and how to find each other? Maybe they would find each other in the shoe section! This of course was a section both girls planned on checking out! And yes while trying on shoes they found each other! They both had gathered some fashionable items into their baskets and decided to investigate the fitting room.... The fitting room was found to be OK, and after this they went to the accessories department. This is an area where a lot of gold and silver treasures can be found!!!

And you should think that by now they were finished, that they had discovered all of Primark, but no there was one more floor to discover..... They went up the escalator and there it was.... the bikini, nightwear, children's, men and home wear department!!! How amazing was this world, where would it end?! They stayed here for about an hour during which they lost each other again for about 20 minutes! They could not reach each other on the cell phones and there was no way to locate each other, but somehow they managed to find each other after which they proceeded to the check out.

In the end they each brought home a large bag full of wonderful affordable treasures! So our tip to everybody is to go out and discover the amazing world of Primark for yourself! But do keep an eye on each other because you easily get lost.



  1. Hello,

    I actually found your blog through the Rockstar Ronan website. I read your comment about your niece. I have a brother with an intellectual disability and work in the community living sector, so your comment really struck a chord with me.

    There is an amazing site ( that was created by a dad who has the most adorable son who happens to have Down Syndrome. He created his website because he found that people were less excited about his baby because of his diagnosis. I hope this wasn't too forward, I just thought you might find the website helpful/informative/interesting.

  2. Dear Caitlin,

    thank you very much for the above message! I looked at the site and it sure is amazing! And also helpful with the tips and all. I will definitely send the link of the site to my brother and sister in law when they are ready.

    Thanks again for your tip!