Friday, 1 June 2012

The land of the Dutch

So my first official post! How exciting!!! Okay so the goals of my blog is to learn all my lovely reader (technically speaking I don't have any...yet) how to swirl through life! I am an almost 30-something girl ( I should say woman because that is more appropriate for this age, but I still feel like a girl) and I live in the land of the Dutch a.k.a. Holland a.k.a. The Netherlands. I live together with my lovely boy friend of almost 4 years (that is amazingly long!!!) and with my cute rabbit who's name is Brammie.

Every day I swirl (well at least according to my boyfriend) and since my life feels average I think it actually might be exciting, well to be honest it is awesome (most of the time anyways)! Especially when you swirl around like I do! So on my blog will record my day-to-day swirling adventures and will keep you posted on average and less average events in my life!

Enjoy and do not forgot, if life lets you down just wiggle your toes!

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